So I was thinking…

I get asked a lot about why I would ever give up so many things to live for Christ.  Well, when you have nothing, it’s easy to give it all up.  At least you know that when you abandon your old self, you receive eternal life.

A life that lasts forever vs. a life that you want to end.  hmmm.  yeah.

Anyways.  People keep asking about the tattoo on my right arm.  They want to know what it is, why I got it, and well, mostly, why would I want to get a tattoo if I proclaim to be a Christian.

Well, to help you out, and make this easy, here’s a picture of the before and after.  It’s like on “This Old House.”  They show pictures.  I will too.


before…                        after…

It’s pretty obvious (to me, anyways) that having a pentagram on your arm and serving God, do not match.  It’s like the game I used to play on pbs.  (“one of these things is not like the other…”)
Well, anyways, the new one is a knot on a stick.  It’s quite lovely if you ask me.


That’s a picture of one of the drawn ones.

Yeah, so, I’m done.


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