I slept until 2pm after I had stayed up until 7:30am watching movies with Angela and messing with Sebrina as she slept on the couch.
We told her fun things like “YOUR BREAD IS BURNING!!!”  and she nearly rolled onto the floor trying to get up then was quickly back to sleep.
We were looking for a movie to play and asked Sebrina what she wanted to see.  She responded with some sort of jibber.  So we watched Simon Birch instead.

Sometime the next morning my mother called and left a message to say “Happy Thanksgiving.”  I also got a couple of text messages.

What a moving and blessed day it was.
I had planned on just sitting around the house all day having a pitty party, but my room mate had invited her whole family over so I couldn’t.  Luckily, though, she had invited me as well.

I called American Airlines, they said that my ticket can be exchanged later.  (I have 2 open ended round-trip tickets from RDU to DSM.  [Raleigh to Des Moines]  I wasn’t invited to the festivities in Iowa so I didn’t go.)  Hopefully I will be able to find another time when I can take off a week to visit them.  I can’t go for Christmas because I would rather be here, but I would like to go back there.  Even if it’s just to hijack some pillow cases from my sister.  (I left mine there when I moved.)
Anyways.  I just thought I would say something since it has been a few days.



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