I’ll try to speak slowly.

I can’t really get all that has been going on to fit into words that I want to speak over myself, but I will try.
Okheregoes.  I get to move in 15 days and haven’t yet found the place…  yet.
My car drives again.

Do you like how I put a negative and a positive?

I got hired at a nice place, they called later that day and told me not to come in.  I should reword that.
I got fired.
I got hired at above place.
Is that happier?

Um.  I’m mostly lonely all of the time.
If I’m not at church, swallowed up in a sea of faces, I’m at home making flash cartoons of “rocketman”  which, oddly enough began because the actual DVD of the movie “Rocketman” would not work.

So, I don’t think that this is a very positive post, which is why I have kept silent so long.  To make things happier, I’m still loved.



One thought on “I’ll try to speak slowly.

  1. hey, dont forget that i am praying for you, anything that i can help with-just let me know– and you are loved!! are you doin anything friday?? we should have a slumber party 🙂

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