part one

I feel like I’m being held hostage.  But less like a hostage and more like a nanny.  The story keeps getting deeper, and most people that I’ve told are in either disbelief or shock.
So part two continues…

The nanny that was here before me came to visit yesterday with her son, who is quite cute and looks like a little old man.  Well his baby daddy’s wife doesn’t want her to bring the baby over to see her 2 youngest kids.  The oldest one, being 2 years younger than the xnanny moved out and makes her own decisions.  Xnanny doesn’t understand why.
I sure do.
I guess it’s the same reason that Anna gets so “angered” when Raul wants to call or send something to his family in Peru.  She doesn’t understand why he cares about them.  Her family is crap and hate what she does, but she doesn’t understand why a loving family would want to talk to each other and give each other gifts.
Anywho…  I’m pretty much done for now since I have this nanny thing to do.


2 thoughts on “part one

  1. omy goodness. that is the cutest picture of the two of you!!! you think maybe you could just steal ayla and embrace the entire single mom thing? except that it wouldnt really be a single mom thing, it would be nanny abducts abused child kind of thing… but, whatever. ❤ mucho amour

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