So we went to the park…

Yeah.  Today Ayla and I went to the park.  She had a great time, and it was such a beautiful day for playing outside.  She got to play with other kids and one little boy was trying to flirt with her.  But they didn’t speak the same language.  It was cute.
She hardly ever gets to go outside, and when she does it’s to go somewhere and sit in the car or be in a store.  I would like to take her more places, but she is on a 2-4 hour breastfeeding schedule, so it makes things difficult.
Anywho…  As we were on our way there we were walking through a path in the woods and she kept saying “oooooo!  See?  Look!”  It was awesome.  Especially since when I came here Jan. 20 she couldn’t say anything.
We were playing on the slide and she did the sign for “more.”  And then “play.”  After she had been playing in the sand for awhile, she came up to me and signed “done.”  So we went home.  She fell asleep on the way and is still taking a nap right now.
It’s so amazing what kids can learn if you take the time to teach it to them.  She is so eager to communicate with people.  She picks up on the sign language so quickly because she knows she will get what she asks for.
Also, last night, she was talking on the phone.  She was saying her oooos and awwwws and since her favorite Veggie Tale character is Bob the tomato, she was saying BOB BOB BOB BOB BOB!  It was well funny.
Yeah, so it was a good afternoon.  And tonight is church and I don’t have gas to go.  And I get to go clean tomorrow so I think I might just … go.


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