Am I an idiot?

You may want to change that answer after I tell you a little story.

Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy.  They loved each other.  A lot.  Or so they both thought.  But then the girl chose a different path for her life.  One with joy and happiness and fulfillment.  The boy chose to stay on the same path of self-destruction.
A couple of years went by and they spoke to each other and found out that they were still in love with each other.  Or so they both thought.
She gave up some of her morals, and he stayed the same.
She came to her senses after picking up the pieces of her heart and left with no explainations.
But then, again, after years of growth and healing, they spoke.  Being more “mature” and more of a “grown up,” she handed him back the remaining pieces of her heart, but that’s not what he wanted from her.

Apologies were definately in order, but she didn’t mutter a word.


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