Dear Jennifer,

I agree that I need to blog more, but nothing ever happens.  So this is just for you.  A story of sorts.

Once upon a time there were three (3) bears.  They lived in the woods because that is where bears live.  Usually.  Unless they’re at the zoo or being held captive as circus performers.  But that is another story.
One day these three (3) bears were walking through the woods, where they lived, and came across a dolphin.  I understand that that is not a very common thing to find in the woods, but it’s my story and I can say whatever I want to say.
Anywho, they came across a dolphin… in the woods.
So they said to the dolphin…
“Why are you in the woods where we live?”
And the dolphin replied, “I have always wanted to retire in a nice country home.”
So the bears said, “oh.”  And kept on walking.

The End.


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