i’m pretty much convinced that just the presence of my car turns every light to green but mine.  and it keeps skipping my turn.  i think it’s because the person controlling the traffic cam is just trying to see how beautiful my custom paint job is on my go-go.  it really is a thing of beauty.


well, i have a praise report about my car.  herewego.
The muffler is ‘on’ there again.  I have to get it tightened.  Or just replaced.
I have been going without half of my dash lights, no dome light, NO STEREO! and no horn. I hardly ever use the horn, but I was in the parking garage at the hospital a few weeks ago and a lady backed in to me.  it cracked the bumper of her soccer mom van, but didn’t knick my precious Go-go.
Anywho.  The fuse kept popping when I would put a new one in, so I called my father.  He said to track down the wire.


I pulled the dash face off and pulled the stereo out and checked all the wires.  (shocked face) One of the wires were disconnected!  It was the most important one too.  The one that gave it power.  Ok, so I put those back together, and changed all the tape on allllll the other wires because the sticky part of the glue had melted/became solid into one big piece of tape.  So I put it all nice and tidy-like back into the dash…  I couldn’t get the face thing back on, so… I just screwed in the ones I could get. !  And as Iwas putting in the last screw, it fell.  Somewhere.  So i used a 3″ screw in a 1/2″ hole.  It’s ghetto, I know… but Go-Go is so… unique.  And beautiful.  And he runs to the factory specifications.  (That’s my confession over him when he doesn’t want to start.)
I think he hears it when the mechanics say they’d give me $50 for parts.  It hurts him!  He hurts!  Ouch!


Anywho.  He’s my little buttercup and I am his.  We’re really quite perfect for each other.  I try not to get mad at him when he’s having… a moment… and he doesn’t get mad when I leave the dome light on for hours.  It’s a love/love relationship.

Right.  So…

That’s it.  OH!  hold on a second… I have a picture.  Wait here…


awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.  it’s a baby!  with a tattoo!  (it’s not real, just cute.)


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