Are You Frayed?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I was driving down the interstate after visiting my father one evening.  Everything was going fine; I was almost home when my car died.  Mind you I was going 70mph down the interstate and there were cars and semi-trucks whizzing past me.I cut though the right lane of traffic and came to a bumpy stop on the side of the road.
The battery was dead, and my car would not even turn over.
So I called daddy and he came to rescue me.  While I was waiting, cars and giant trucks went screaming by, shaking my car with a huge force of air.  It was a bit scary as they were only about 7 feet from me.I sat strapped into my car starring into the rear view mirror waiting for my father to come rescue me.  It didnt take very long, but it seemed like hours had passed.
When he finally got there, we tried jumping the battery that was only a few months old.  Nothing happened, not even a flicker of lights.  He thought the problem was much bigger, maybe the alternator, or something large like that.  He then noticed that there was a melted wire sticking out of a clump of wires attached to the battery.  This wire was covered in layers of electrical tape and had been melted so that the tape had stretched the wire completely apart.  This one wire kept juice from the batter to flow into the other wires that made the car function.
So why am I telling you this?  As you may know, a car has many parts to it that all work together that make it function.  Something as small as a little wire caused my car to not even want to turn over.  It was totally done for.This is similar to the body of Christ- His church.
Romans 12:4,5 says:  “4 For as we have many members in one body, but all the members do not have the same function, 5 so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another.”
There are many roles and functions within the body of Christ, most of which, He Himself appointed, and some that are a necessity to make us function in the way that He means for us to function.
You see, this wire was covered in tape, so you couldnt see the problem.  It was falling apart inside, but that wasnt visible.  It wasnt even noticed until the car had totally broken down and the problem was being sought after.
Sometimes there are times in the body when very important parts are about to totally fall apart, but they have this covering over them, a mask, and the “Im doing great” smile.  But on the inside, they are at the point of breaking.  But nobody sees it.  And when they finally break, it tears down everyone around them, and those people didnt even see it coming.
So what?  Its just one person.  Wrong.  That one person has the capability of leading others to Christ- they have the ability to reach someone you cant.  And when they break, that person that they have been mentoring, no matter how mature in Christ they may be, sees it.  And it kicks them just as hard.  Most of the time, it ends with this baby Christian leaving the church all-together.  They figure if this person they once thought so highly of cant make it, how can they ever get by?
So if we are the body, not you, or me, but we, what are we going to do about this?  Well, Ive come up with a few things that have helped me find the frayed wires before they break.

1- Ask.  When you see someone, ask how theyre doing, but be sincere.  Dont ask and then walk on by.  Stop, look at them and ask.  But dont just assume that there is something boiling on the inside of everyone.  You could even make somebodys day by just saying hello.

2- Tell.  If there is something tearing you up on the inside, tell someone, or if you just need to talk to someone, do it.  Sometimes we just need to vent to a human.  Or to a machine!  Blogging or writing in a journal is a great way to get things out, and you can share it, or keep it private.  Either way, you’re getting it out of you.  Its amazing to take your worries and stresses to God, but sometimes we all just need to hear how a friend or mentor has overcome a similar situation.

3- Accountability.  We need to make sure that we are each as individuals having our Quiet Times.  Praying and reading Gods Word daily is the most important thing you could ever do.  It not only is a time when you can just shut the world off for a few minutes a day, but youre getting to talk to Daddy, and our Daddy loves to hear from us, and often.
We also need help with some of our out of church extra-curricular activities.  What we do outside of church affects us as Christians.  People see you.

One time I was confronted by my pastor and mentor about a member of the church I was attending seeing me standing outside of a bar on a Friday night.  He was sort of laughing as he told me about their concern for me.  I was sort of glad that they said something to him rather than spread rumors and gossip about the leader in the youth church that hangs out at bars on weekends.  But what this person didnt know is that I led a team of people from the church down there each week to witness to the kids at the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  We poured and poured into these kids week after week with only a few pieces of fruit, but it was totally worth it.
You see, we all reach different people.  Someone connected with me, and I connect with those kids because I was once one of them.  That is where I was found.  I gave my life to Jesus because someone cared enough to stand on the street week after week and share the love of Christ with me.  And because the person who poured into me had someone holding him accountable, I was able to rise up and take back what was mine from the beginning.
As maturing Christians, it is our responsibility to do the same.  You never know who looks up to you.  And how is it going to look when you fall and they see that this person they thought was all together really isnt?  If they only see the one bad day you’ve had in months, are they going to want what you have?  Are they going to want to become what you’ve become?  Because you become who you hang around with.  Do people want to be around you?
Lets step it up and step up.  Its a battle out there and if youre all broken and weak inside, Satan is going to steal your lunch money and kick you in the gut.  So keep your shield up and your armor shined so that when he comes around you can kick him square in the teeth.
Take back what Christ paid for and never let it go.
What you are on the inside, shows on the outside.  Are you letting Jesus show through you?  Or is the world showing on the outside?  Whatever you’re putting on your inside is going to come out; through your actions, or your mouth.
Garbage in, garbage out.  God in, God out.
So let the light of Jesus shine bright to all of the world.


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