I Had A Dream…

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Current mood: disappointed

The other night I had this dream.  I was at this house with a bunch of people I once was quite close to.  They were all tangled up in string, and I was sitting on the bed watching, holding a pair of scissors.

I told them, “I have some scissors here if you need to use them.”
They replied, “I can do it on my own.  I’ve almost got it.”

But they never did get it.  The knots kept getting bigger and bigger until nobody could move.  Once in awhile someone would get out of the mess only to get tangled all by themselves.

I didn’t think this dream meant anything until today.

They were all tangled up in string, and I had the scissors.  I offered to help and they turned me down.  It’s a lot like standing on the dock and watching a friend drown.  You can do something about it, but so many people just watch.  I was watching my friends suffocate and choke on strings that I could have cut away.

They wouldn’t let me, SO WHAT?!  Go up and do it.  What are they going to do?  Say, “put the strings back around my throat please, I almost had it.”  Yeah, maybe, but most of the time people are grateful for what you’ve done, after you’ve done it.  And they’ll never know what an amazing friend you are until you’ve saved their life.

I never knew what a friend was until one saved my life.  He cut the strings…  I was grateful.

Beh, whatever…


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