Today I was lazy.  But I got a lot done.
I didn’t do what I didn’t get done yesterday, but I got done what I got done. I made a graphic for the Helen Wright Center Phase 2 project that is coming up in April, and I made a card for the New Believers about Starting Point and Baptisms.
I also listened to a few of Pastor Steve Kelly’s sermons.  He’s really smart.

The first one was about healing.  It was amazing.  He just read stories about healings, but his passion about it made me want to wave a hankie.  (mmhmm!  Tell it!)
The second one was about Faith.
Hebrews 11:6 says that it is impossible to please God without faith.  And I want to please Him.  Our faith is what moves God to do things on our behalf, it’s what gets the angels fighting for us in the 4th dimension, and faith is what makes things happen in the 3rd dimension.  There is nothing that we can do by our own strength that can cause these things, only our faith.
Luke 8 is where Jesus has to stand up in the boat and rebuke the storm.  He tells His disciples, “where is your faith?”  It’s not that they have no faith, it’s that they’re not using it.  In Mark it says “carest thee not that we perish?!”  It’s not that they have no faith, it’s that they can’t seem to find it at that particular time.
Personally, I’d rather have Jesus asleep on the boat than not have Him there at all.
Something neat that he said was ‘adversity introduces you to yourself.’ You don’t know what’s in the tube until you squeeze it.  When tough times come, you’re going to say whatever is in you.
I would have probably said something similar to Jesus if He were asleep and we were about to get splashed.  These men were fishermen, they knew the sea.  So for them to be freaking out, it had to be a pretty big storm.
What is most interesting, though, is that Jesus had to rebuke the storm.  He didn’t command it, as a storm, to cease; He rebuked the source of the storm.
The word ‘rebuke’ means: to censure (disapprove strongly).  He assessed the nature of it and passed judgment on it.   Just as Peter did with his mother-in-law’s fever, he didn’t rebuke her; he rebuked the cause of her sickness.
Jesus had planned going to the other side of the lake.  (v.22)  He hadn’t planned on going half-way across.  The demons knew this, and wanted to thwart His plan.  They didn’t want the Gospel preached. This is what we have to do.  We have to rebuke our storms.  Not the situations or conflicts themselves, but the root of them.  We have to do as Jesus did and censure them, asses the nature of them and pass judgment.

I was talking to someone last night who is having issues with warts.  They said that once they take root in the body, they are difficult to remove.  The body starts to get used to the bacteria that causes them and stops.  Then they can continue to spread.  To get rid of them you have to take them out at the root.
It’s the same with our problems and issues.  They don’t just pop up.  They have a root problem that needs to be dealt with.  You may be needing prayer with your finances.  It may not be that you’re making enough.  It may be that you’re spending too much.  That may not seem very prophetic, but it is to me.  Not having a budget is the worst possible thing you can do to yourself financially.
Well, just under not tithing.
Or maybe there is a conflict with a person.  You just cannot seem to get along with them.  It may not be them; it may be something about them that you don’t like.  You may just need to tell them so they can fix it.  I’m not talking about you don’t like someone because they’re ugly.  Maybe they just have a character defect that drives you crazy.

Hebrews 10:22 – “Hold fast to your confession of faith.”  Are you still confessing what you’ve been believing for?  Or did you just stop and expect it to happen?  We are supposed to “draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith…” (NKJV)
If you’re drawing near to something in full assurance of faith you’re getting closer to it.  You’re not popping in and out.
Even saying “I don’t have faith” is faith.  You believe that you don’t have faith.  Or enough faith for something to actually manifest.  (Lack of faith vs. doubt. Hmm. Another time.)

Anywho…  I didn’t start this with the intention of preaching…My point is that I am going to hold on to what I am believing for.  My God is a faithful God.  He will give me the desires of my heart because He is the one that placed them there.

So.  Just like my mom-e used to say, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  She also used to say, “Kelsie!  Get your finger out of your nose!”

On that note, here’s a picture!


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