The New Adventures of St. Kelsie J.

I just finished watching The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking.  I love youtube.  Here’s the link: watch.
One of the best things ever that she says throughout the movie is “You can do anything, if you just believe.”  I realize that this is just a children’s movie, but she can fly and do the really fast spinny thing and then she walks down the wall…  It’s faith.  And if a kid can grasp that, so can I.

Well, anyways.  I have some new adventures of my own.  I have just gotten Photoshop CS3 so I will FINALLY be able to do some real graphics.  Which means I can build up my portfolio again and get a real job.
I have more projects lined up with LWFC, and I plan on getting my website up and running sometime in 2008.
Most people think I’m kidding when I tell them about but eventually it will become a place where I can share my many experiences.  Testimonies of my own and those of others.  But mostly I want it to be a place of inspiration to a generation that needs it most.
I know that there are some really amazing websites out there that are doing a great job, but there aren’t any that are like this.
Here’s what I am working on for it:
An interactive forum/chat rooms.
Online counseling
24/7 access to help for all types of issues.
Free stuff!
World-wide missions opportunities/information
Bible study
and some other stuff

But mostly I am just trying to find more space.  Most of the things I want take up a lot of bandwith, and it’s expensive to run a website with a lot of space.  And since I don’t want to go the hardcore route with servers and whatnot…  I have to keep it simple, or, spread it out.

So!  Now that I have CS3 (<3) I will be able to get the graphics done and since it’s compatable with Dreamweaver and all of that stuff, I can get it all done.


That’s it.



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