I feel accomplished.

I finished my first newsletter today.  I haven’t quite gotten the html to work on the form box for subscriptions, but I’ll put the news letter up there in the Newsletter tab here soonly.  Maybe.

In the mean time.

Let’s chat.

Tonight, well, last night.  We had Willi over for dinner.  It was good times.  We talked and talked, and mostly listened.  In the church we see, we eat meals together.  We saw it tonight.  We fellowshipped together, laughed, cried.  It was a great time.
It’s pretty amazing when you get to hear what is on someone else’s heart.  When they can take down the wall to give you a view of what’s going on, it  really means something.

I really can’t go on about that too much more.  The rest of the story is ‘top secret.’

Anywho… I think I really like saying that.

Anywho.  I get to go to church Saturday morning for a folding party!  WOOHOO!!!  Right.  We’re folding more of the mission trip passports and applications.  I am so excited about this trip.

I just sent out my first wave of support letters.  I decided that since I go on and on forever in my blog, I’ll put my support letter in my newsletter.  So I don’t keep repeating myself.

On that note… once again, a picture!


I call it “here’s my heart.”  I did it in January when my heart was broken.  It’s all better now and looks more like this:  ❤


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