Today was a day.

I did some things today.

First… I went to bed around 6am. Then at 9am my alarm went off. At 9ish whatever, Steve was tearing up the floor downstairs. Pounding… cutting… all of that. So I decided to go to the Wal-Mart!

Thus began my day.

I went there and started shopping! Hooray! I got some stuff that I … got. And as I was trying to pay for my merchandise, my card wouldn’t work. So I went to the bank and got cash because my card was expired/suspended but they said my atm card still worked… Whatever. Ok!
So I paid with cash. Then I went to Snappy Lube to get Go-Go some lovin. He got his oil changed and flushed, a new fuel filter, his clampy-doo was tightened on his muffler and… my atm card wouldn’t work, and I didn’t have enough cash because the fuel filter was unexpected. So I went back to the bank. 🙂
They gave me a new atm card, and said I could use it in the morning. So I got more cash so I could go get some stuff at Guitar Center. I had planned on going there just for a new capo and some picks because mine have all disappeared. Well, actually I found 4 of them in my acoustic case. Anywho. I have been wanting some stands for my guitars so they can stand properly rather than propped up against the wall. So I got 2 that were on sale. So now I have some! I ended up spending the money I was planning on using to buy this with. Well, it was a portion of it. Not all of it.stspemp_010807binset.jpg
So then, by the way… Nichole was with me at Guitar Center. We went over to Rock-n-roll Outlet to find some 16 gauge labret studs. Because we both have a need for them. But… alas, nothing. So I took some pictures and whatever. Some guy was touching my arm while looking at it. I’ve met him many times, and he always acts like I’m brand new whenever he sees me. Maybe he’s just not good with new people… anyways. We didn’t get our jewelry.
So I took her back to Wal-Mart to get her car. We split ways, and I went to the Post Office and bought some super hero stamps to send my support letters! They’re amazing!
I sent them off.

OH MY! I missed one of my stops.

Before I went to get my Go-Go his new oil I went to the Home Depot to give some people support letters who had asked for it when I worked there. I got to talk to Dolly and whatnot. I also picked out some colors for an art project thing for PMicah’s office.

Anyways… After the Post Office I went home. Then I decided to return my granny panties to the Wal-Mart. I saw Lisa there! She was one of the Head Cashiers at Home Depot. Funny lady. She got her teeth fixed and looks all hot n stuff…
I also bought some ice cream and frosted ginger snaps. They’re not very good, so if you want some… I have some.

So now I am home and laying in bed. I will be going to bed soon. The 3 hours of sleep I got this morning just didn’t cut it.
But… I have many pictures.

And I forgot to tell you how Nichole came to be in this day’s events. We went to lunch at Vernon’s Restaurant, Falls River Smokehouse. She had the rack of ribs and I had a chicken sandwich…

Pennywho… anyboo… here are the pictures.

image000.jpg The Super Hero Stamps…

image004.jpgA whole cookie in my ice cream.

image014.jpg image015.jpgGo-Go getting new oily and new other things.

image016.jpg image018.jpgimage017.jpg Her ribs, my cake.

image023.jpg Punch a dolphin in it’s blow-hole.

image024.jpgimage025.jpg Nichole looking so good in my shady sun blockers.

Random phone pictures:


image011.jpg The ‘art’ in my new office.

image013.jpg A full moon on the drive home.

blur.jpg It’s blurrrrrrr-e.


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