stkelsiej the employee

So. I got a jaerb today. Manpower hired me as a temp, and my first job is at a Baptist church. Shocking. I wonder how well that will be.
I will be making their bulletins, editing them, really, and sending out their weekly newsletters. Answering phones, looking so good, that sort of thing.

I bought some new shirts at good-will thinking they would be PERFECT for this, but one of them is all… short, and the other one is … long, cute, but long. and they BOTH show my chest tattoo. I thought they’d cover it, but they don’t. So I will have to dig through some stuff to find a decent long sleeved shirt. The pants I got are great, but nothing matches them now. Accept both of the shirts that I can’t wear.

I guess that’s what you get for shopping at good-will.

I also got some stuff for some of the babies at LWFC. (wave of babies!)


I am going to the Wal-Mart for a shirt.


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