A Conversation…

“You cannot be all things to all people.”

I don’t believe that.

I keep hearing really interesting conversations about missions and being a relevant church.  They were saying that their contemporary service was bringing in high school aged kids and young adults, but the older folks didn’t like it, so they stopped.  Because you can’t be all things to all people.  Or something.  People were getting saved, but since some of the ‘elders’ raised their canes, it got shut down because they were too loud.  Were they forced to be there?

I don’t know the whole story.  But I keep seeing this in our churches.

Can’t we all just get along?

I’ve already gone on and on about how people think that the music is too loud, but there are other churches that don’t play their music loudly.  But why not throw better parties?

Jesus is alive!  We should worship Him like He is alive!

Sitting quietly is great and all of that, but my God is not a boring God.

I have to stop talking about that…


2 thoughts on “A Conversation…

  1. Back home I went to a church like that in high school – for like 3 Sun.am services. Then the elders decided they didn’t like the newness – the black people really, that were beginning to come to the church. So that was the end of that.
    But it’s sad when things like that happen.

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