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I have actually had things to do today!

To start out, last night an apartment building burnt down, displacing 29 people.  The Red Cross has set up camp here at Ridge Road Baptist Church where I am currently assigned.  The phone has been ringing all day with inquiries about the people.  News 14 was here, other news stations called, and a general flood of people with donations have been showing up.
There was even an apartment community manager here who said she would waive the application fee for those who lost their home.  Generosity at a time when it’s needed most.
I have also been talking to Pastor Jamie about what we at LWFC can do to help.  Aparently, one of our own family members from LWFC was affected by the fire.
This is a moment when we can find out what we’re made of.  Most of these people lost everything by the fire itself, or smoke or water damage.
Therefore, if you have any donations for them, clothes, food, furniture, call Patricia LeRoy at the Red Cross at 919-212-1413.  Or call the church office (me) at 919-787-4423.  There are people of all ages that need your help.

On another note.


I am trying to syphen through some of the notes to try and figure out where some of the things are that I need.  The bulletin that must be done today so I can print and prepare tomorrow, isn’t done.  I’ve only done one draft on it and handed it off with blank spaces.  Still waiting on that.

I am also preparing welcome packages for newcomers.  The design is… unique.  It includes pieces of paper that are different sizes placed nicely in a little folder.  Great concept, no originals.  So I am trying to copy new ones, but when I try to print multiple copies, they “shift” and cut off words.  Not to mention the originals weren’t cut straight.  I guess I did mention that.  I’m not sure if I understand, so I took my lunch break!
I figure I can start renewed with a belly full of mac-n-cheese.  (lettuce for life!)
I have some of them ready to cut.  I get to cut them all individually!  HOORAY!
And whatever.

I also had one of my support letters returned last night.  Bummer.  I need to get that out soon!


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