the coffee pot is broken.  I’ve known this since early Tuesday morning, but I still keep going to it to see if it’s fixed yet.  It’s not.  Stupid thing.  I’m bringing my french press next week.  I can’t HANDER this, folks!  gah.  I have one drink of my cold coffee left from this morning and I’m “saving it” for later.  I figure I can make it until later… whenever later is.  Hopefully it’s soon.  I don’t know why I am so needy right now for coffee.  I can go days without drinking it.  I’m happy about that.  But this week…  yo quiero mi cafe!  por favor?


I finished the bulletins and stuffed them.  And they’re all…  stacked. and whatnot.  I’m listening to some right now.  I’m all alone so I can put it at a volume that is desirable for me.  I forgot to turn it down earlier when someone called and they got to hear Project 86.

Anyways…  I think I’m addicted to adding pictures… So lemme go fetch one.

hold on.






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