Look Out!!!!

It’s another one of those posts.  omglolrofl

I’m so bored.  And it’s only 9:08 am.

I’m watching Evan Almighty on a pirated movie website.  I got about 36 minutes into it last night before my pirated wireless went away.
You thought I was kidding when I said I was a pirate.

Anywho.  I got everything loaded in my car today, started it and remembered I had forgotten Austin.  So I went back inside and got him.  Got back in my car… remembered my amp.  Went back inside and got it.  Then on the way to work…  nothing happened.

This keyboard is really loud.  I’m making a video of it right now to put at the bottom of the post.  I’m sure you’ll be really pleased with it.

Today my taks list is pretty short…

1.  Clean off the sticky crap from the desk.
2.  Complete the member phone book.
3.  Start on the bulletin
4.  Organize the bookshelf

It seems simple enough, but I forgot…

5.  Watch Evan Almighty

I’m done.  I may say something more amazing later…


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