Yesterday I went to the wal-mart to get some “necessities.”  I was in the check-out line when I realized that everything I was purchasing was purple.
I mentioned it to the lady and she wasn’t impressed.  She was more impressed with the giant purple 5 on my new $5.
So that was that.

Wow.  So right now I am staring at a purple notebook.  It’s my friend.  It has cheat sheets in it for random office procedures.

Here are pictures.  Sorry I’m so lame and non-amazing today.


P.S.  Guess what color breeches I’m wearing today.


6 thoughts on “Purple

  1. Hi Lady Over There Somewhere.

    I actually like purple. U c purple and I go way back. My baby daddy invented purple. In fact I think he has the patend on purple. He is so talented that he can order “purple rain” and it happens!! And 2 top it all off, he’s a PRINCE!! I know.. it’s hard to not hate 4 of u haters out there. All I can say is Holla and i can hook u up!!

  2. Hey Lady Girl-

    I was just browsing ur blog & realized something. Ur purple product purchases (say that 3 x’s fast) consited of the “brand name” products 4 the outside of your body but “throw back” products for the inside of your body. Man that has 2 change!! Ur a precious treasure!! Clean up that inside!!! I’m jsut sayin’.

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