these are a few of my favorite things…

just like the song.

I got 2 of my favorite things today.

1) a gift
2) lavender scented gift

all in one!

I’m not sure how I feel about this new layout thingamajig.  My dashboard is different and the whole posting process is different.  Maybe it’s just because it’s the first time my computer has gotten to use it, but it’s REALLY slow… as in… grrrrrrrrrr.


i am pretty sure that the genius’ at aol are going to be well angered when they find out that I found and destroyed their little hidden program on my computer.
If I hadn’t complained about it to you, here’s the story.
I hate aol.
I have never enjoyed using their programs or services, and quite frankly, I used to use their free dial-up offer cds to make artsy things.
I was once charged over $70 for use of their dial-up service even after calling them many times to tell them I didn’t sign up for it because I have FREE wireless.  They insisted that their dial-up was better than the competition and was willing to only charge me $19.99 for the premium dial-up package, and since my computer didn’t have the phone jack modem, they’d sell me one for a bargain…

anyways.  I got this computer and my first task was to seek and destroy all aol programs.  I thought I got most everything, but was still getting a McAfee installer update at 3am and 3pm.  Mind you, I don’t have McAfee installed on my computer because the version on the computer was sponsored by… aol.  I tried for months to find the program that was aol sponsored, endorsed, whatever, that needed to be updated 2x a day.  To no avail.  I was nearly brought to tears looking for this stupid program. Nothing.
I even did a search for the letter “a” on my computer… nothing.
I would start up my computer and wonder why it was lagging so badly and then it would suddenly come back to life when a little McAfee box would pop up and say, “Your AOL updater has finished installing!”



I had a ‘coming back to Jesus’ moment, but it’s gone.

Another super thing!

I have discovered the greatest (besides spaghetti) first date meal.  A giant meat burger!  You can’t gracefully eat this.

I need to either go to bed or find something productive to do.  Maybe I’ll browse around my new dashboard.  Yeah.  I think I will.

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