another thrilling day in the life of stkelsiej

Today I am a phone answerer lady.

“Classic Party Rentals, this is Laquanda,  how may I help you?”

I haven’t actually had the opportunity to answer the phone.  I reach for it and it stops.  But it rings a lot.  So something.

I have been reading my aim newsletter and one of the blogs from the missionaries broke my heart.  This is the one.  Well, they’re all pretty heart wrenching, but it is just sad when little girls have to sell their bodies so they can eat.
I can’t complain, though.
Sometimes I feel like I can’t do anything about it, either.
I can pray for them.
I will pray for them.

One of the other blogs was about another girl in Swaziland.  She was the official ‘entertainer’ of the children while they were waiting in line.  She said that she decided to stop seeing them as a task and start seeing them how God sees them.  They went from being dirty babies to God’s precious babies.

I am always praying for God to put people in my path who need to be ministered to.  People who need to know him.  But when they get there, are they being seen as people who need Jesus or just another task?
How are we perceiving the people who need Jesus?
Do we see them how God sees them, or do we see them as a wreck?  Beyond our help…




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