I’m listening to a conversation about water damage.  I think that $30,000 is a little bit too much to pay for plumbing.  Especially in a townhouse.  She should just move.

Today has been … dot dot dot.  It gets busy from time to time, but it’s mostly in waves (of babies.)  And everyone is wearing green today accept me and the lady in the red dress.  We obviously got the same memo, just at the wrong time.  We look like Christmas people, and luckily, I am using my Christmas handbag today.  (hahaha)  It wasn’t really planned.  I was just not all about carrying around a giant bag so I could carry my bible in it.  And, btw, I got a new one yesterday for $4.  And it’s huge.  I doubt I will be putting it in any purse.


If you were wondering what it looked like.  There it is.

And I’m done.

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