The Legend of Zelda

I had a big plan for this post.  But lemme tell you what happened with it.

I chickened out.  It’s her fault.  Or maybe it’s because of her.  I don’t know.  All in all, it’s her fault.



Sunday night The Tall Lady came to play!  It was exciting.  I’ve seen her maybe twice since I moved here in June.  She’s still tall.  In case you were wondering.

Even though it hasn’t been that long since we last saw each other, it seemed like forever.  Things have changed.  Good things.  And it’s always a good time when you get the three of us together.  (T$ 2)
I know we’re pretty funny ladies, but I nearly peed myself laughing at the amazing stuff we have done together.  I wish I had pictures of each of the moments from the past.


When Theresa and I shaved our eyebrows off while in the “Pooh Room” at her mother’s house.
“Well guys, I did it again!”
btw, if you have pictures of this…  share.

Which brings up the lunch at Applebees with T$, me and TQ.
I had mine drawn on very prettily.  If that’s a word.  One was all… serious and the other was “interrested!”  Theresa had hers solid brown.
Our server couldn’t do his job properly or something.  Maybe he thought we were on the dope.
At the end of the meal, Tammy paid with her card.  The server disappeared for awhile, came back and asked for an id.  Tammy said… “All I have is my motorcycle lisence.”  Which is funny.  But the funnier thing is when he came to the table and asked for “Tammy Queen” and we were all.. Who’s that?!

I got the 3 of us  matching sweaters.  Although I left mine in Iowa.  ( I suck, I know)  But mine was red, Denise got orange and Theresa got yellow.  The funny thing about these sweaters is not only that they’re sweaters, but they’re huge fuzzy knitted ones.  they’re all the same size… big.  But the sleeves go just past Denise’s elbows.

Ebony and Ivory.

Which caused… Sean and Theresa.

That may not be funny to everyone, but trust me… it’s funny.  (no toque!)
Sounds like one of my dating relationships.

And then there was the TQ/PQ tampon story…

Or the “I heard it all, Paul!”  Story.

But all in all…  ending the evening with belly button wrinkles may have topped the whatever needed topped.
(Jenny Lynn, I’m sorry your doctor was a hack.)


One thought on “The Legend of Zelda

  1. So I definitely laughed the whole way through this post. Sunday night was a good time! Sometimes I forget about all the hilarious things that have happened…I wish we did have pictures! Maybe Dawn will have her camera the next time we decide to do something, like shave our eyebrows.

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