let me apologize.

I actually feel like I may throw up.

To start off, I’m sorry that you had to find out how you did, if you did.  And if you didn’t, just cosider this a random post.

Friday evening started the week from hell.
I can’t focus on anything.
But fear has no place in me.
Still scared.
Admitting that makes that lump apear in my throat.

I don’t want you to be angry.  “His arrow will pierce his own heart and his bow will be broken.”

3 thoughts on “let me apologize.

  1. …..i wish i knew how i could help you, or make whatever better, assuming it could be made better… just know that i care about you, and if there is anything i can do… let me know. i am praying for you, your safety, and peace of mind

  2. Praying protection over you several times a day, Kelsie:
    Father God, thank you that no evil will befall Kelsie, and no plague shall come near her dwelling. For You have given Your angels charge concerning her, to keep her in all her ways, and in her pathway is LIFE, and no death. No weapon formed against her shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against her shall be found to be in the wrong. This is her heritage and her vindication from You, Father God.
    And then there’s always Steve – he knows how to really hurt somebody and will, if the occasion arises.

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