stkelsiej the dog whisperer

Saturday –

I was the dog whisperer with Lexi Burrows.  She’s pretty much the beast.  She may not look very tough, being a yappy ankle biter, but she…  is.

That evening I played some delicious apples to apples.  I can only describe it as delicious because that is what apples are.  Delicious.  The group was great.  We all have a ‘like’ sense of humor and all agree that Matthew is a cheater.

Ok.  So all in all.  I’m not sure if Joseph is dirty for putting these cards down, or Matthew is for choosing them.  Either way…  It was funny.


This is what I did Thursday night.  It was oodles of funness.  And whoever it was that moved them and scuffed them up…  I’m not saying anything.  Let the tear in my eye speak.  (Just kidding) These will be going up in PMicah’s office sometime.  If I can remember the order…

2 thoughts on “stkelsiej the dog whisperer

  1. not quite sure what card game this is, but it has a mighty ironic sequence of “words?”. I giggled.

    & the paintings are stellar my friend.

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