A Moment With My Savior

Today was…

I don’t know. I slept until about 10am, but couldn’t focus on reading, so I got online and it kept messing up.

I played my guitar for awhile, which was nice. I miss being able to play all the time. I got stuck on playing ‘Mighty To Save.’ It’s such a good song. I guess that really set me up for what came next.

I stepped outside and it was beautiful. Perfect weather for a day like today. There was nothing in particular that went exceptionally ‘well’ but I guess it was has just been a long time since something didn’t go ‘wrong.’

Not that it has been a normal for negative things to happen, but they all seem to have compiled into the month of April.

So I was driving through the woods, singing loudly to some songs and I had a ‘beautiful memory.’ I guess that’s all I can really call it.
But it wasn’t a memory, more like a thought. But the way I thought about it and felt about it, it seemed like it had happened.

You’ve done that, right?

Well, it wasn’t something all… gushy and all that crajunk. It was basically like I saw myself sitting in an open field in the sunshine, soaking in the air, and sounds and smells of all of God’s creations, and I felt complete.

As I was driving through the trees with the windows down, the air was blowing and the sun was bright and I felt like I wanted to just take off and fly.

That seems weird now that I’m writing it.

But sometimes it’s nice to just soak in all of the little things that God put in place so that one day, I could drive by it and smile at it.

He really does consider the little things.

He placed the sun in the perfect place so that I could feel the warmth of it.
The breeze was just enough that it was as if He had His arms gently around me.
The birds were chirping just loud enough to share their joy with me.
And I was surrounded by the Creator of the Universe who made everything for me, for that small moment.

It really made me consider how blessed I really am.

After everything I have been through lately, I really feel like that chapter is ending and my life is finally getting to ‘the good part.’ The place where you want to flip back and read it again.

I know I won’t be disappointed with what’s next.


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