The Best literally has all of the best stuff in the world.

That has nothing to do with anything.

Surprised that I would blog about something random?

So I’ve been playing mob wars on facebook.  If you haven’t joined my mob yet, you probably should.  It would be in your best interest.  Every time I try to save enough money to buy the casino, I decide to spend all of my money on having another player in the game ‘taken out.’

I’m sure there is a sermon somewhere in this game.

But since I haven’t found it, I should probably get back to playing it.  I’m working on increasing my energy so I can do another bank robbery.  Maybe a little drug smuggling too.

Join my mob.

or else…

4 thoughts on “The Best

  1. Playing it all the time – that’s one thing.
    But blogging about it – that’s taking it to a whole new level. Let me know when you figured out how to access it cellular-ly.

  2. Seriously? Mob wars has gotten to you as well?!? My husband has fallen victim to this mob wars addition through Facebook 😦

    Oh well-he should be part of the Kelsey mob-I’ll let him know (because you know he does EVERYTHING I ever suggest-HA!)

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