The Rumors Are True

Well, it depends on which rumor you’ve heard.  But most likely, it’s not.

Wonder what I’m talking about?

I guess I could displace a few of the rumors that I know are out and about by just being straight-forward and saying it, but that wouldn’t be in St. Kelsie J. fashion, would it?

Here is something that is true, though.

I wrote this with full intentions of telling you all about one of the rumors, but then decided that it’s none of your business and kept it to myself.


I do have breaking news.

Sister is pregnant.  And with all the drama included in that, please pray for her.  9 months is a long time to go sober.  And not to gossip, but this could easily be screwed up.  I don’t want it to be.

Here’s a pretty picture (that I didn’t make) for you to stare at.


2 thoughts on “The Rumors Are True

  1. No. No, that wouldn’t be in St.Kelsie J “fashion”. Fortunately you’re as easy to read as a book. haha. No really.

    That’s exciting about your sister – congrats (to her)! It’s amazing.

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