Mother’s Day


I called mine.

I got a set of princess pez things from T$.  Quite lovely.

I had chicken-“shabobs” for lunch.  And salad…

I worked on a song I’ve been writing for a few days now.  I can’t freaking get it!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!  My fingers are sore so I stopped, mostly because my wrist hurt too.  I’m such a pansy.  I just wish that The notes would come out like the words did.  That’s how it usually happens.  I’m a machine when it comes to producing words with a melody, but put music to it?  Not a chance.
It will all work out.  But until then…  I’ll just keeps humming it.

hmmmm hmm hmmm hm mmmmmmm
hhhmmmm hmm hmmmmmmm hmm hmm hmmmmm hmmmm

It’s really quite lovely.



One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. When I first starting writing songs I had that same problem. And even though “they” say you shouldn’t I started writing them together (the lyrics and the chords/notes. I would just strum a few bars and then start singing what came to my mind and write down the lyrics quickly (about a line or two at a time). I don’t think it’s stellar advice, I just know it took me a bit to figure out you could write them together :]

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