stkelsiej on “being”

Um. So for those of you who don’t know, my sister is preggers.

After the initial shock of the realization that she is doing what is… ‘necessary’ to become ‘with child,’ I am kinda excited about it.

I know that she wants to do this right, and be a good mom, and all of that junk. So we should pray for her and whatnot. Often.


Today she sent me a text message (which cost me .10) that said that there were two. Twins. Therefore… That means twice the ‘whatever.’

My computer is lagging so I have to keep this short.

That number that keeps calling me has called 17 18 times today. You’d think they’d get the hint that I’m not answering. golly.

Um… yeah.

Here’s Sister’s facebook page. Be her friend.

And if you’d like… go to my page and click on the Virgin Mobile box, watch the video and earn me some air time.
Too bad it doesn’t work for text messages.




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