The Good Kind of Guilt

There’s a good kind of guilt?

Yeah. There sure is.
But without me writing a book about this topic, lemme give you the jest of it all.

There are five types of guilt.
Deceived – legally guilty before God, no personal guilt because you may be unaware that you have sinned.
Aware – legally guilty before God, aware of sin and personally guilty.
Guilt caged – forgiven, personal guilt, misery.
Legal guilt – guilty, whether aware or not.
Healed – Spiritually healed, no guilt.

So which one is the good kind?
Well, it’s a mixture. While no guilt is purely meant for good, God did give us guilt as a sensory just like he gave us a pain sensory, taste, sight, sound, touch, scent. The good kind of guilt is the kind that puts you in the Aware stage, which leads to your repentance. Thus leading to you Healed stage.
When you touch something and it’s hot, you drop it, or stop touching it. It’s the same thing with guilt. When you feel it, you should stop doing what causes it.
God doesn’t want us to sin, but knowing that we would, He gave us guilt. His desire is for all of us to live a joyous life, not one bogged down with guilt.

There is so much more I could say about it, but you’ll just have to buy the book. Litchrilly. I know I’ve been saying that I am working on it, and I am, but… not so quickly.


I’m done for now.

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