Sometimes I hate technology.

Right now is one of those times.

I’ve had an ‘antivirus’ program install itself on my computer.  That is the only logical explanation I can come up with.  It has somehow managed to shut off my firewall,  my antivirus, my protection, and will not let me turn mine back on because it is saying that it is a harmful worm/trojan/etc.  I cannot get on the internet unless I let the virus scan run, which is probably stealing all of my baby photos and bad ideas as we speak.

I tried uninstalling it, because I know you were just thinking, “why don’t you just uninstall it?”
Well, kids, it doesn’t exist in my system.  It shows up in my start menu as a new program, but there are no options to uninstall it.  Only to purchase it.  Their website does have an uninstall link, though, but it leads to a very plain and boring 404 message.

Therefore, my computer keeps crashing.  Mozilla keeps randomly crashing.  My Google Chat just crashed, for the first time ever, and…  It’s 5:30am.

I think that I may be still awake because of the 1.5 cups of decaf I drank tonight at the Team Leader Update.

But…  On a better note, I figured out that song.  You know, the one that has been rolling around since September 2006…  That one.  It has chords.  All the way through.  Mostly.  I’m going to put it all officially together on paper here soon.  Maybe tomorrow, because you all know how jam-packed my schedule has been these last few days/weeks/month.

Um.  And if you want to come out to the forest and play, maybe later we can end up at LWFC and I can do some stuff there.  Things.  You know, like 757 and band practice.  Those things.  I turned one of our quiet, peaceful songs into a punk-rock song.  It should be a good time.

And…  Something else that is really quite astounding…  I got $453.55 taken off of my T-Mobile bill.  Let’s all join hands and praise God together.  After about an hour of being transfered between departments, getting cut-off and having to go back through it all, I spoke to a real human named #635605 and he helped me out.  Hopefully I can get that junk taken care of so I can eventually get another real phone.  I hate pre-paid, and as horrible as the service was with T-Mobile, I LOVED the plan.  $111.55/month for unlimited texting and more minutes that I could ever use, shared with my sister.
But I gave that all up for a janky pre-paid piece of junk.  Which, by the way, is out of texts and is on pay as you go minutes, so don’t be offended when I don’t answer.  Or you can go to my facebook, click on the ‘fund my phone’ box, watch some videos and earn me some airtime.

I’m trying to get my browser to open up something so I can give you both a link to click on, but…  alas, is not a trusted website and is blocked by my brand new antivirus virus.

So I’m done.

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