Finally, something to blog about

I was recently given the opportunity to receive two new books.  Exciting, I know.  Well, one of the is a devotional and the other … isn’t.

The first one, the devotional is called “The Art of Listening Prayer – Finding God’s voice amidst life’s noise.”  So far, I’m hooked.  It has me really excited about my quiet times.  And it will help me keep focused.

The second one is called “Red Letters – Living a Faith That Bleeds”  It’s about being what Christ said.  You know, read the red and do what He said…  it’s that principle, but it tells you how to do it.  (My kind of book.)

Anyways.  The antivirus virus is gone… (do you hear the chorus of angels?)  I still have some pop ups, but not quite as bad as it was.

I had something else to say, but I wrote a song instead.  Like to hear it, here it goes…

One day, some day, when you show up here at my little webbydo, you’ll see a tab up there that says “Her Music”  and when you click on it, you’ll get to hear my music.  If you decide to do that.



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