There’s more going on in Iowa besides flooding

I was just talking to my mother, who lives in Creston, Iowa and she she was saying how ‘shocking’ it is that the Chief of Police and Assistant to the Chief of Police were recently arrested for having ‘less than consensual sex’ with a girl at the country club.
I was telling her how not shocking it was considering who the Chief of Police was. I used to do many an illegal act with him and still have photos somewhere of said acts. Many people in or around Creston do. It’s not even surprising that he was caught doing something like this. What is shocking is that it took so long.

If people only knew just how dirty of a cop he was, there is no way he would have ever made chief, let alone, been an officer of the law for so many years. And he wasn’t alone.

I know that there are some really amazing men and women out there that are protecting us and our cities, but there are also some out there that are only trying to get themselves ahead. They’re not in it to ‘protect and serve’ unless they are serving themselves.

So rather than get too deep into that, I’ll move on.

The flooding.

I’ve heard about it on the news, and people have been asking me about it. Because I am from Iowa, I should know everything about it. Or whatever.
I don’t usually keep up with current events, but I was just reading The Creston News Advertiser online, and was seeing that the flooding now was worse than the flooding in 1993.
I don’t remember much from the flood accept how devastated I was that my VHS of The Little Mermaid had been destroyed. I was heart broken. But I’m over it now, mostly.
Whats most devastating about the flood waters is the crops. Iowa has a huge market for their crops. Corn and soy beans. Without them being able to recover from the soggy fields, I foresee another hike in gas prices. People get scared when the start to see that farming yields aren’t going to make the par, which sucks for us, so we really need them to dry up. There isn’t time to replant destroyed crops. By the time they would be harvested, there would be snow on the ground. Which wouldn’t stop the farmers, but the frost may stop the crops.

On another note…

While stalking catching up on my mother’s articles, I came across one about edible packing peanuts. They don’t sound very delicious, but I’d sure like to try some. Maybe they could become the new snack for the Toddlers and I bet they’re cheaper than the Cheez-Its. But… We’d lose a lot of our teachers because I know that they’re only there for the Cheez-Its.
I really like how she referred to them as ‘white demons.’ They really are. And if I were a cat, I’d agree.


I had much more to say.

OH! I started packing for the mission trip… my bag is almost full and I haven’t started packing clothes yet. I wonder how that will turn out. Only 18 days left until we head out, which, by the way, we have to be at the airport at 4am. GAAAAAAHHHHH! That’s usually my bed time. We’ll see how that works out. We have a 3-4 hour lay over in Atlanta and arrive in Costa Rica for lunch. Which totally trumps the time on the Nicaragua trip. It was dark when we left Raleigh, and dark when we arrived in Managua.
And… Tonight I finally got excited about the trip. I know I can’t be bummed about going. This trip, in the long run, has nothing to do with me. I’m just a tool that God is using to reach these people. It won’t be a wasted effort.
So… Only $319.60 to go. Is that number increasing? Golly.


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