A God of Plenty

That’s my God.  A God of plenty.  Because not only do I have enough money for the mission trip, I have more than enough.  And that’s because of people like you.  If you gave toward my trip or any other missionary’s trip, thank you.  You’re my hero.
And… I just answered the phone and someone else wanted to give toward anyone who needed money for the trip.  He’s that good…

Anywho.  I just had a delightful read of this month’s AIM newsletter.  Megan Kroeger, who is a missionary in Africa said, “God does not waste hurts…  I believe that there is hope for every heartache and healing for every wound.”
So true.  I know that if I had never been hurt, I would never be able to help anyone else get through their hurts.  It’s our pasts that help give others a future.  It’s astounding to think about all of the garbage that some people have had to overcome, yet still see a smile on their face.
No other god could do that.  No other god could make a hardened, broken heart whole again.
That’s why I serve the God of plenty.  His love never ends.  It never lessens, never weakens.  It’s always unconditional.


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