These are a few of my favorite things

As Mary Poppins would say.
But this is about some of my less than favorite things.

Like… trying to find a place to live.  Rent is outrageous.  Deposits?  I found the perfect place, but it’s in the middle of nowhere and would require far more than I have to move in.
… I don’t have a job at this moment, therefore, the task gets harder.

Is anyone hiring?  Not sure.  But if they are, they aren’t hiring me.  Sorry about their luck.

Anywho…  If you know of a room for rent.  <—— I’m looking.

craigslist has a bunch, but it’s so shady.  And I’m shady, and I’m not sure how to tell them that I’m weird…  Ha…

or whatever.

Happy 4th.


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