All quiet on the eastern front, y’all

I’ll be leaving for Costa Rica Saturday morning.  Like, say, closer to Friday.  4:30am.  whew.  I won’t be blogging while I am there, so it will be pretty quiet up in this hizouse.  But check out the outreach blog for updates, I’ll be busting in to the system to give you updates.  Growing our community.

They already have lots of posts up about previous trips, so you should probably just go read it right now.

A lot has happened since I last blogged.

1. My computer refuses to let me use it.
2. I got a job…
3. My brake line exploded on my Go-Go.
4. I got $370 more than needed for the mission trip
5. I have nothing else, but feel like making a really long list
6. Charlotte has not been born yet.

Yeah…  so maybe not so much has happened.

7. The car guy thought I should pay over $500 for ‘necessary’ repairs on my car to get the brake line replaced.  Instead, I payed under $20.

I’m working really hard right now to finish up my laundry… ie, I’m blogging while the machine does it’s magic.  There was just something really weird and hard in my corn…  and I need to find/learn the 2 songs Lucia wants me to learn.  En Espanol.  As entertaining as it was to hear her sing it, I wasn’t really paying attention to how it went… So I have to learn it.  Now.

So…  I’ll be leaving my hijacked computer for now.


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