Breathe if you’re alive

I keep looking at the pictures everyone took on the trip and when I get to the La Paz pictures, I get sad because I know that the end of the pictures is coming.  There are so many beautiful things in Costa Rica.  Most of it is so untouched by civilization.  It’s raw.  It’s unlike the USA.  We have to have a cell phone tower on every street corner so we can talk to everyone.  As much as I missed being able to text while I was there, it was nice to not have to worry about what I was missing, because there was nothing I could do about it.
The beauty in that country is proof that God is alive.  I saw it everywhere.  All of these people who were searching for something, but it was right there the whole time.

The job of a missionary is to take something to someone that has been there all along.  We are presenting a Gospel and a God that has been there the whole time.  It’s like the old saying, “You can’t see the forest through all of the trees.”  These people see such beauty every day, but it is ordinary.  Normal.  Yet they have no idea that there is a living, loving God who wants to have a personal relationship with them.
In America we a bombarded with Christian propaganda.  Billboards, radio stations, tv, newspapers…  But do we see it?  We notice it, yes, but are we looking at it?
I know that for years, I didn’t see it.  It wasn’t until it was presented in a whole new way.  It wasn’t until someone took something ordinary in my life and related the Gospel to it.  It seems simple and ridiculous, but it’s not.  Not really.

Anyways.  I just wanted to say something short and sweet and whatever…  Here are more pictures. Stollen.  Again.

Am I usually that creepy?  Or is it just the picture?
The people in the orange shirts were trying to get me saved.

Pre-dinner meal at Cinco Esquines.

Ginger Ale para mi tumtum.

What did you just say to me?!?!

Please stop pinching me there, Lucia!

Playing in the park (litchrilly)

Me and my pp (prayer partner) Sharene (a.k.a. ebony and ivory)

Pastor Bruce Dial as Goliath (the chirrin were terrified)

More of the playing la musica (or standing)

Looking so good.


St. Kelsie J. the mic stand

Paying attention to the picture being taken.


My head was litchrilly in the clouds.  Litchrilly.

Right before morning devos.  (What are we playing?  What were the chords again?)

Los invitamos a una actividad para la toda famila…


Let’s sing!

Another testimony moment.



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