This aint Burger King

That’s what I thought during our staff devotions.  Pastor Steve was teaching on Numbers 16 where Korah’s sin caused his men and their families to be sucked up by the earth.  Yikes!  Seriously?
It really does matter who we associate with.  Sure, we have the people we work with, they can influence us whether we realize it or not.  We have family, who we didn’t choose.  And then there are our friends.

One time someone told me to watch my ‘playgrounds and playmates.’  Those were good words.  It really does matter who you are spending time with, who is influencing you.  Their daily bad attitude can ware off on you and you don’t notice it until it’s a full blown attitude of your own.

In Numbers 16:26 Moses warns the people to “Move away from the tents of these evil men!  Don’t touch anything of theirs, or you will be destroyed because of their sins.”

It should be the same for us.  When we recognize those who are trying to ‘have ministry their way’ instead of God’s way, stay away.  If that spirit gets on you, you too will want to ‘have it your way.’
We are not here to be served, we are here to serve.  Jesus didn’t come here to be served, he came here to serve us and show us how to serve others.

I know that some of you have heard about how this started happening to me when I was an intern.  I had began thinking of myself as ‘higher than I ought,’ and it messed me up.  I didn’t know then, what I learned later.  I was there to serve God, not be served.  I let the vision of the house slide as I was trying to put myself in a higher position.  Luckily for me, I figured it out before it was too late.

Korah didn’t.  God opened up the earth and it swallowed up him, his family, his men, and their families.

I don’t want that.

Now that I am on staff I know exactly how Satan is going to try to attack me.  So for as long as I am here, I will keep in mind that this isn’t about me.  This is about the Kingdom.  Everything I do here is about someone else.  It’s about people like I was before I came here.  People like you, your neighbor, your neighbor’s cousin’s best friend’s aunt’s brother’s nephew’s whatever.

It’s the little stuff we do here that makes the big stuff happen.

So now that I am hungry for a cheeseburger, I will go and make copies of coloring pages for the Toddler classrooms.


2 thoughts on “This aint Burger King

  1. heyyyy! i LIKE this layout 🙂 you should keep it.

    yeah, i know what you mean about the learning from past experiences thing… mine is: dont have sex, it makes kids.


    ok. it wasnt that funny.

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