Just So You Know

I love my church family.

In case I haven’t ever told you that.

I was just reading Nichole’s blog and …  yeah.

For those of you who heard me give my testimony in the park in Costa Rica, you know about a huge struggle I had.  It sent me into a whirl-wind of bad choices.  So when I see Nichole doing what I couldn’t do, it makes me love my church even more.  I didn’t have that support.  She talks about how she thought she would be ridiculed or shunned when she got pregnant with Tyy.  She wasn’t.  It’s rediculous how Satan always trys to get us that way.  “People will think bad things about you…”  What a jerk.

She’s one of my heros.  I guess anyone who accomplishes something that I failed at is my hero.


(i’ve run out of words)

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