I could eat some right now.  If you were wondering about that.

I sure wish I had something to say.  Well, I do.

My go-go almost blew up and started smoking while I was trapped in traffic on Capital Blvd. yesterday.  I don’t think he likes that road.

As smoke was pouring from under the hood, some guy pulled up next to me and said…

“Your car is smoking!”

I looked at him and was all…  “What!?!”

So I got back to the church and he went all.. RAAARRRRRSPLURRRRRRG  And vomited green slime allover.  Mostly water.  So therefore, he overheated and needs some lovins.
You can sort of see the puddle under him.  😦  So sad.

Do you like that photograph?  I hope you do.  And I am also happy to report that I have a new phone.  This one doesn’t restart in mid text, or hang up on people.  It’s quite nice.  But most importantly, it has a camera.  Oh, how I missed having stupid, random photos to go along with my little love notes to you.
So get ready for that.


I’m having a shin-dig!

If you want the e-vite, holler.  I’ll send it to you.

We’re going to have some good clean family fun in the ghetto!  (Word)  Since I have less than everything I need at my new place, it’s a housewarming party, but it will probably end up being a boring something else kind of party.  So bring your dancin shoes!  There probably won’t be dancing, but you can still wear them.

P.S. I’m registered at Wal-Mart and Target.

VBS…  It’s well underway.  There are things being painted, quite beautifully, if I do say so myself.  This year, though, I am not painting any of it.  I did some of the initial outlines for one of the giant murals, but I didn’t really have the unction to paint this year.

Lemme go take some pictures right quick.

Hold on!


Ok.  here they are.  Thanks for being patient.  …

My feet…  yeah, I took that whilst sending pictures.  I thought you’d be really interested in seeing that.  And the big lift thing and Dave’s cart…  Yeah, that had nothing to do with it, I just thought you’d like to see that Dave was fixing the light.

Um.  So the theme of this year’s VBS is “Pirates”  We’re using Veggie Tales’ ‘The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything’ and mixing it with Pirates of the Carribean.  (arrrrrg)  What a great theme.  I recommended it last year, and here it is!
The big ship looking thing in the giant room is going to be a giant pirate ship.  (Hooray!)  The hallways (which look amazing) were painted by some lady named Sharon, who I recently just met.  She did a great job.  And…  The awesome paintings of other stuff was done with transparencies, which I thought would help a BUNCH, and it has.  It’s so much easier to cheat.


I’m done.


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