Story time with St. Kelsie J.

Yes, indeed, it is story time.

I don’t really have a story, but I was just wandering through Kidz Church to see their progression and saw Mrs. Dawn Boyd in there are recalled a tender moment in which Mrs. Theresa R. Somerville and myself shared a certain story whilst in the land of Nicragua.  But I cannot repeat it, although I do have it on VHS.  I will never repeat the story.


This is totally unrelated.  Well, not totally.

I have some pictures, but they may not be for you to look at, so if that is the case, look away.

My phone has some really cool frames…  I used them and took some way neato photographical prettiness.

Joseph’s guitar and Austin.  (Joseph has dear Yama)
Living Room/Temporary Bedroom
To the balcony.
Hallway to bedrooms/bathroom/laundry room/lightswitch
“Rumpus” Room (Office, music place)

You know you’re all growed up when you have your own Tupperware.

And when you use words like growed to describe how grown and mature you have become.  Or whatever.

Um.  I don’t really have much else.  I think I did earlier, but now… not so much.

It’s a gloomy day and I feel gloomy, and this coffee is a great chaser to the Airborne I am sipping on.


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