My apartments were on the news.  I agree with what the girl said about being decieved by the model unit.    I didn’t realize that I would be moving into the ghetto when I signed the lease.  I’m still waiting for them to fix a very simple thing.  They came in to fix the outlet in the bathroom, but when I came home one night it was smoking.  It could have burnt the whole building down.  They said… “don’t use it.”  So… I’m not using it.


This Dominion By The Word conference is so amazing this year.  Each year it is SO good, and this year…  I’m going to be processing this for quite some time.  It’s right on time.

So two hours later…  I forgot I was doing this.  I got sidetracked.  I have a lot I could say right now, but I don’t wanna.


2 thoughts on “(Title)

  1. Sign on your door:
    “would you like to meet my friend 45..?
    No..? keep “us” off the news, thanks..”

    =-] and that random tall boy that’s got your back,
    you could mention that too, =-]

    I agree with you kelsie, it is pretty amazing, I’m not able to catch any morning ones, so I’m sure i’m missing a lot in between notes, I should get the cd set. but really.. i can’t afford it lol.


  2. AWWW man, I wish I would have known you were thinking about moving there. I used to stay there years ago but it was bad then, worse now. Sorry!! At least you have Jesus! 🙂

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