Last night…

So.  I went to see miss Emma Somerville.  She looks like her papa, poor thing.  She’s cute.  I kinda wanted to squish her face off.  But I didn’t.

I took a couple pictures, but none of her…

Yeah… so there they are.

Um.  Yeah.  So I was in my ‘rumpus’ room last night at about 10:30 rocking out on the geetar and I thought I heard someone at the door, so I went to look, nothing.  I looked into the parking lot and there was a guy walking to his car.  I thought “he must have just bumped the door or whatever.”

So I was in bed, and at around 11:30 something and I heard someone trying to unlock my door.  So I went to the door, peeked through, Saw this…

I’m not sure if you can see the guy trying to jimmy my lock open?  Yeah.  There he is.
So here’s the conversation…

me:  que quieres
him:  Julio?
me:  Julio no vive aqui
him:  Julio!
me:  Julio NO VIVE AQUI!
him:  sorry

Yeah.  So he went away.  And I went back to bed.

Um…  Today I forgot to put in ear rings so I’m playing with my ear lobes.  They’re weird.

That’s all.


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