I did a lot.  Partied, slept in, churched, slept in…  Good times.

Charlotte was a party pooper.  Litchrilly.

Saturday it rained.  Randomly.

Sunday I made some fried pickles.  They were deliciscrumptios!

I also got to see a little kid with a slammin hot mullet!

I got myself a cube thing.
Rachel came to Stage 20… !!!

Patrick combed his hair

There was fire…  and cheeseburgers.

And Scott…

Monday I did laundry while Go-Go waited patiently.  He’s always so patient.

I texted sister lots, she’s getting largo.

She sent me pictures of Olivia.  mrow!

I got gas 😦  It costed lots.

I have also decided that I want one of these.  Or something similar.  I have about 3″ of counter space, and since I have all my new baking pans and stuff, I should use them.

I didn’t even take pictures of that 😦

Thank you all for the gifts, and for coming to my new home.

Sorry this has so many pictures, I hope it didn’t take 6 year to load.  🙂


One thought on “Weekend…

  1. Good times @ the home outing,
    that was pre-jar-head for me..

    however nichole suggested a supplement to help it grow faster, (biotin).. so .. fingers crossed, lol.

    and p.s., I wish I had your “last word” skillz.

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