The Funniest Thing Happened… Part One

But I can’t share it with you.  😦  So sad, I know.  But f you were there, you’d be all… lolroflomgjk

So…  I left Sheetz around 1:35am.  Slept just long enough to wake up from a dream.  Some chick jumped from a balcony onto the deck of a pool and was impailed by the leg of an overturned table.  So while we were waiting for the ambulance we played chess, but I couldn’t seem to figure out why there were no pawns, and just kept picking up a round thing, rubbing it and then putting back on the same square…

Then I woke up to go potty, 35 minutes before the text message arrived that ruined it all (thanks nalts) and 14 minutes later my alarm went off.

So…  This has been bothering me again.  It needs to stop.

Um…  I’m tired.  Maybe hungry.

I have a bunch of pictures…  again.

Here goes.

I found the stench in the office…  eliminated it.

I was blessed with LOTS of groceries.  My back seat was brimming with bags, and…

My cabinets are stuffed.

I survived the “hurricane”

I got a new shower curtain because apparently it’s not ‘proper’ to only have the shower curtain liner up.  So now I’m ‘proper.’

I came home to a ‘fixed’ bathroom door. Now it closes.

I um… took this picture?  Not sure why, but here it is.

5 thoughts on “The Funniest Thing Happened… Part One

  1. I really think it was more like 4 a.m.? when you left. I got home at 5:15 a.m..
    we left like.. 25-30 minutes after you..
    and I remember you saying something like “crap. i’ve got to be at work in 2 hours..”

  2. re: “So… This has been bothering me again. It needs to stop.”
    Slightly more than I wanted to know….

    re: “‘fixed’ bathroom door”
    Yeah you should get them to give you a new one.

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