The Funniest Thing Happened… Part Two


I had some tea in my new anchor tea cup/saucer … cup and saucer.

I hung up my new curtains, that are really for my ‘rumpus’ room, but the black ones didn’t match the ones in the dining room…  so… yeah.

I did childcare for the Mark Gungor conference…

Bryn and Rebecca were like Siamese twins the whole night.

The boys played mechanic on my go-go… but to no avail, he still smoked 😦

I hung out at Sheetz until 1:35am last night…

After going to ‘GIlbert is going to Antartica, let’s party’ party.

I have a few more, but I’m bored with this.  so I’m done.! !>!>!>@>!>@K@#^#H!


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