What to do?

Back in June I got two new books.  One was called Red Letters: Living a Faith That Bleeds By Tom Davis.  The other was The Art of Listening Prayer by Seth Barns.  Check out the links to learn more about them.

They were great.  I would higly reccomend them.

The Art of Listening Prayer is a devotional, which I took along with me to Costa Rica, and ohmygoodness.  It seemed to go perfectly with the ministry we were doing down there.  It teaches you how to no only have a quiet time, but a productive one.  Not one that just takes up 15-30 minutes of your day, but actually feeds the desire that God has to have a personal relationship with you.  It goes over how to pray, but also how to listen.  You learn how to have a two-way relationship with God instead of always just praying and believing He heard you, you learn how to be still and hear His voice.  …  daily.

Red Letters:  Living a Faith That Bleeds was awesome.  You know the old saying, “read the red and do what he said?”  Well, this book is about that.  It is about being the red letters of Christ’s words.  Being the Gospel.  It’s all about being radically on fire for the Word of God.  Remember when Paul said that we should be the living translation?  Well this book teaches us how we go about doing that.
In his book, Tom talks about not only reading it and doing it, but being it.

Both of the authors are missionaries.  And they are doing some amazing things for the Kingdom.  Check out Seth Barns’ website with Adventures in Missions.  They go allover the globe preaching the Gospel.  And also check out Tom Davis’ missions website with Children’s Hope Chest.

Yeah…  that’s all for now.  I’ll probably write more about all of this later.


2 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. Out of curiousity, “the listening prayer”sounds like something I really need to take and apply to my life personally.. white boy is a bit broke, is there a way I could rent that book from you, for a small fee?

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