The Mystery Package

I was looking through youtube for something…  not sure what.  But I found something about these “Mystery Packages.”  That were being sent to youtubers in the UK.

What was the mystery?

Who they’re from…
What’s in them…

Well, as vloggers, they all received something that went with what they vlog about.  A microphone for the singer, some markers and paper for the artist, a hoodie for the vegan… ?

The message?

“Use this stuff to tell the media what they should really be saying about your generation.”

In some of the packages there were newspaper clippings about Teens stabbing each other, riots, murders, etc.  But it is obvious that not every person in the 15-25 age bracket is out and about killing one another.

One of the messages sent to one of the guys was…  “you’re too busy stabbing each other to make any progress for your generation.”  That’s pretty hardcore.  I mean, seriously…  You don’t see in the headlines about the good stuff our generation is doing, it’s always the shocking horror portions.

This Sunday, our youth at LWFC are going into the High School system to talk about this sort of thing.  Why isn’t that on the front page?  WIll it even make it into the paper on Monday?  What will it take for people to see all of the amazing things that are youth are doing?  The good parts…

I just got side tracked…

Which means I’m done…  sorry.

oh.  P.S.  look on youtube for “mystery package”


One thought on “The Mystery Package

  1. I see you and I see my other “twenty-something” friends – and I’m encouraged and I see hope for the ones coming behind you, too, because they have GREAT examples to follow. I think you’re awesome.

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